Our Community

Our school is fortunate to have a very strong Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). The school prides itself on a high level of parent and community involvement in school activities and the P&C is a driving force in this regard. The P&C provides an opportunity for parents and citizens to learn about the educational program in the school, and support the provision of amenities. Funds are raised through various fundraising activities throughout the year including the Dardanup Arts Spectacular and The Bull and Barrel Show parking. Your personal involvement, as well as being informative and enjoyable, is very important to your child and is most appreciated by the school. New members are always welcome

Current Office Bearers

  • President: Jodie North
  • Vice President: Jeremy Smedley
  • Treasurer: Natasha Earle
  • Secretary: Emma Peters

P&C Meetings

  • Mondays, week 3 and 7 every term, 7 pm in the staff room.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

School Board

The School Council represents the school community in the process of school planning and policy development. However, its members are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.

Current School Board Members

The School Board has the maximum of 12 voting members and 1 co-opted member:

  • Chair Person: Dougal Herd
  • Vice-Chair Person: Helen Humphreys
  • Secretary: Janiece Cochrane


  •  Jenny Spokes- community representative
  • Rebecca Smedley – parent representative
  • Megan Ashmore - parent representative
  • Ryan Gibbs - parent representative
  • Carmen Gregg - industry representative
  • David Humphreys - community representative
  • Darline Morgan - school representative
  • Bev Fortescue - school representative
  • Anthea Patten - Principal

Minutes from previous meeting